You’ve Seen the Meme Now Meet Pearl the Watermelon Cat

Watermelon was enjoyed as a summer treat for eons. Watermelon, which is used as a refreshing palate cleanser, has also been converted into various drinks due to its pleasing slushy texture.

Most importantly, this huge fruit is intended to be shared with friends and family in abundance. Since your cat is part of your family, can they have this satisfying fruit?

However who is that this fierce-eyed feline, so critical about his watermelon obligation?

Pearl of Watermelons, Sweet Cat

Pearl and his family live in Thailand and run a large farm. As a good family man, Pearl helps his humans tend the land. He has decided the watermelons need his protection the most. And he’s quite serious about guarding them. For six years, he stared down all potential melon thieves and scarred them with his chilling glare.

But for all his sourpuss appearance, his mother claims he is a sweet little boy.

When the day is over and the watermelons are safe and locked, Pearl relaxes as hard as he works!


However, Pearl seems to be not the only cat with a watermelon fascination..

Take A Look At Other Watermelon Cats!

Like this cross-eyed cutie draped over a melon for pillow

This cute tortie cat is a melon-curious kitty.


And don’t be concerned, cats eat watermelons. It’s a cat-friendly snack!


Harry says: “Watermelon is my favorite snack ever, and the best thing is that I enjoy it all by myself because my brothers don’t like it


Before a cat discovers his love of watermelons, he must first be skeptical..


Guinness owns a little bit of watermelon, or possibly a variety of watermelons.


AN eager tabby cannot wait for a human to get a knife. Teeth work just fine…


Claude says thanks for 2 servings of watermelon! Fortunate kitty!


Oh, you may see the curious pleasure on this cat’s vast eyes!


A Pixiebob reminds us it isn’t summer time with out contemporary watermelon…


Tahiti says: “I am one in a melon!” Sure, it is you, however sweet kitten, the within of the melon, tastes higher than the skin!


“Nom nom on some melon to beat the summer time warmth,” meows Mishka. Plus a “Bonus bleep.”


And once again, Pearl the watermelon king…