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Are you a new pet parent whose inner fanpire has recently been resurrected by the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Midnight Sun, author Stephenie Meyer’s retelling of Twilight? Why not show that your devotion to Bella, Edward AND your barking buddy will be forever by choosing a Twilight dog name? From the saga’s most well-known werewolves and vampires to names and references that only a die hard Twihard will recognize, we’ve compiled an A- Z list of all things Twilight!

Twilight Inspired Dog Names

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  • Aaron —   Meaning “high mountain” and “exalted”, Aaron is a name known by readers of Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined as that of the male rendition of Rebecca, Jacob’s sister in the Twilight tomes.
  • Adam — Rachel, Jacob’s sister in the Twilight novels, is known as Adam in author Stephenie Meyer’s gender-switching Twilight tale.  The name Adam means both  “to make” and “to be red.”
  • Alec —  An ironic name for the villainous vampire who possessed the power to strip away his victim’s senses, Alec means “protector of mankind.”
  • Alice —  We foresee that your canine companion will love being bestowed with the name of everyone’s favorite fashionista/visionary vampire, Alice Cullen! The first name of Bella’s bestie means “nobility.”   
  • Alistair — A name meaning “the one who repels men,” Alistair was the vampire who, although asked to act as a witness to the story of human/vampire Renesmee, walked away from a possible skirmish with the Volturi. 
  • Allen —  The male equivalent of Bella’s classmate and friend Angela Weber in the Stephenie Meyer novel Life and Death, the name has a variety of meanings, among them “noble,” “handsome,” “harmony” and “stone.”
  • Alpha — A name for a dog who’s the leader of the pack!
  • Amun —  The head of the Egyptian coven, the name Amun means “the hidden one.”  (For anyone interested in ancient Egypt, Amun is also the name of the god of sun and air.)
  • Angela — Is your new canine companion shy and kind? Then you might want to name her after Bella’s photograph-snapping friend, whose name means “Messenger of God.”
  • Anthony — Only a doggedly devoted Twilighter will know that Anthony (which means “highly praiseworthy”) is Edward Cullen’s middle name!
  • Apple — Why not name your new fur baby after the fruit that tempted you to read Stephenie Meyer’s first novel?
  • Archie —  Although we predict confusion for those who have only seen the movies or read the original Twilight books, fans of Stephenie Meyer’s gender-changing tome Life and Death will recognize this name (which means “brave” and “genuine”) as the male counterpart of Alice Cullen.   
  • Arizona — Mike Newton’s nickname for Bella is also the heroine’s home state.
  • Aro —  Meaning “infertile ground” or “swamp,” Aro is the head of the Volturi coven.
  • Ashley Greene — If you are a fan of Alice Cullen, you might want to name your fur baby after the actress who portrayed the character on the big screen. Did you know that the Twilight star (whose first name means “ash tree meadow”) is an animal advocate who joined with the ASPCA to care for animals affected by the Northern California Camp fire in 2019?
  • Athenodora —  The wife of Caius, the name Athenodora means “gift” and “intelligence.”

  • Beau —  The male equivalent of Bella in Stephenie Meyer’s retelling of Twilight, Beau means “handsome.”  In the novel, Beau is short for Beaufort.
  • Beaufort — Meaning ¨the beautiful fortress,” Beaufort (aka Beau) is the male version of the character of Bella in Life and Death Twilight Reimagined.
  • Bella — Since your dog will play a starring role in your life, you might want to choose the name of the novel and movie franchise’s heroine for your fur baby. A derivative of Isabella, the name means “beautiful” in many languages, including Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Bells — Why not call your canine companion Charlie’s sweet sobriquet for his daughter?
  • Benjamin — Meaning “son of the right hand,” Benjamin was a vampire with the ability to control the elements.
  • Bianca — A secretary for the Volturi whose spelling error led to her doom, Bianca’s name means “white.”
  • Billy — Billy means “resolute protection”– a good name for both tribal leader Billy Black…and your dog! This name also has another Twilight connection, as it is the first name of actor Billy Burke, who portrayed Bella’s father, and Forks, Washington’s resolute protector, police chief Charlie Swan.
  • Bonnie — The female version of Billy Black in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, the name Bonnie means “beautiful” and “charming.”
  • Bree — Meaning “strength”, “virtue” and “power,” The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (which was told in a novella by Stephenie Meyer) was ended by the Volturi. 


  • Caius — If your dog is a bit of a bad boy, you might want to consider naming him after one of the Twilight saga’s villainous vampires like Caius, whose name, ironically enough, means “rejoice.”
  • Carine — The female version of Carlisle in Life and Death:  Twilight Reimagined, the name Carine means “beloved” and “pure.”
  • Carlie — You’ll know that you’ve met a true Twilight fan if they recognize Rennesmee’s middle name! Like the first name of the human/vampire child, which combines the names of Bella’s mother and the vampire who took on the role of Edward’s parent, Carlie honors both Bella’s father (Charlie Swan) and Edward’s adoptive father, Carlisle Cullen.  In Gaelic the name means “small champion.”
  • Carlisle — Is your new pal with paws caring and intelligent? You might want to name him after the father figure of Forks’ vegetarian vampires, Dr. Carlisle Cullen.  The name Carlisle means “from the protected tower.”
  • Carmen — A vegetarian vampire living with the Denali coven. The name Carmen means “garden.”
  • Carver — The name of the cafe where Charlie ordered steak and cobbler every Thursday. 
  • Charlie —  If your dog is dependable, why not name him after Bella’s Dad, Forks chief of police Charlie Swan! 
  • Chet– – If you are a biker buff, you might want to name your pup after the character who takes Bella on a brief motorcycle ride in New Moon.  The name Chet means “fortress.”
  • Charlotte — One of the vampires called by the Cullens to act as a witness.  The name Charlotte, like that of its counterpart Charles, means “free man.”
  • Chuckesmee — A name that will make dog-loving Twilight fans chuckle, Chuckesmee was the nickname given to the animatronic doll which was originally to be used to portray a fast-growing Renesmee in Breaking Dawn Part 2.
  • Claire — Only briefly glimpsed in Breaking Dawn Part One, Claire Young (whose name means “clear” or “bright”) was Leah and Seth Clearwater’s cousin.  Fans may also want to name their new canine companion Claire after Debussy’s “Clair de Lune.”
  • Clallam — The county in Washington which includes the town of Forks.
  • Connor — A minor character in  the novel Twilight, the name Connor means “lover of wolves” or “lover of hounds.”
  • Cora — Meaning “maiden” or “daughter,” Cora was the name of the waitress at the Carver Cafe where Charlie and Bella dined.  (Did you know that at the 2018 Forever Twilight in Forks festival Ayanna Berkshire, the actress who portrayed Cora in the first movie of the hit franchise, hosted a Cobbler and Coffee fundraiser benefiting Friends of Forks Animals?)
  • Coven — The Olympic coven, the Volturi coven, the Denali coven…you might want to choose this as a dog name for the pup you’ve welcomed into your own small gathering.
  • Cullen — A surname derived from the Irish word for “holly,” Cullen quickly became a popular name for baby boys during the height of Twilight’s popularity.


  • Dawn — As in Breaking Dawn, the finale of the Twilight saga.  
  • Debussy — Claude Debussy was the French composer of one of Edward and Bella’s favorite pieces of classical music, “Claire de Lune.”
  • Demetri — Does your new tail-wagging chum have a talent for tracking? You might want to name him after the Volturi guard, whose name means “Gift from Demeter” (the Greek goddess of the harvest).
  • Denali— You could name your new pup after the coven of vegetarian vampires who reside on the Alaskan mountain.
  • Didyme — Sister of Aro and mate of Marcus, Didyme (which means “twin”  or “double”) was a member of the undead who had met her demise long before Bella and Edward’s love story began.
  • Diego — Meaning “he that replaces,” Diego was a vampire who played a role in the novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.
  • Dracula One and Two — Jacob’s nicknames for Romanian vampires Vladimir and Stefan could be fun names for a pair of pups.


  • EarnestLife and Death: Twilight Reimagined’s male equivalent of Esme Cullen, the name Earnest means “truthful” and “diligent.”
  • Eclipse —  The title of the third installment of the Twilight saga could be a good name for a dog with a dark coat.
  • Edward — Does your dog have a “sparkling” personality?  You might want to name him after Twilight’s hero.  
  • Edythe — The female version of Edward in Life and Death, the name Edythe means “spoils of war.” 
  • Eleanor — The female equivalent of Emmett in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined,  the name means “light,” “bright,” “torch.”
  • Eleazar — Part of the Denali coven, Eleazar (a name which means “God helps,”) was among the vampires who came to Renesmee’s defense against the Volturi. 
  • Elena —  The female version of Eleazar in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, Elena means “bright, shining light.”
  • Embry — A member of Sam Uley’s pack.  The name means “flat-topped hill.”
  • Emily — Fiancee of pack leader Sam Uley, Emily’s name means “striving” and “industrious.”
  • Elizabeth —  The first name of both Edward’s biological mother and the actress who portrays Esme Cullen, the name Elizabeth means “consecrated to God” and “my God is an oath.”
  • Emmett — Is your new dog strong, but with a soft heart? Perhaps you might want to name him after Rosalie’s husband and member of the Olympic coven, Emmett.  His name means “universal” and “entire.”
  • Ephraim — A former chief and ancestor of Jacob Black, the name Ephraim means “fruitful.”
  • Eric — Meaning “eternal ruler,” Eric Yorkie is Bella’s friend and student reporter for the Forks High School paper.
  • Erica — The female version of Eric Yorkie in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. Like its male counterpart Eric, the name means “eternal ruler.”
  • Esme — A mother figure to the Olympic coven of vegetarian vampires, the name Esme means “beloved” and “esteemed.”


  • Facinelli — Has your “phastination phase” for Dr. Carlisle Cullen never waned? Then you might want to celebrate your dogged devotion by naming your dog after the head of the Cullen clan.
  • Felix — A character who carries out any dirty deeds of the Volturi clan which require extreme strength, Felix’s name means “lucky,” “successful” and “happy.”
  • Forever — The final word in both the book and movie franchises also expresses both fans undying devotion to Stephenie Meyer’s romantic tale…and a pet parent’s eternal love for the four-legged members of their family!  
  • Forks — “Right from the start/I knew I’d found a home for my heart.”  Like the lyrics of A Thousand Years, Twilight fans have found a home for their heart in the small town where the tale of true love began.  Why not name the new canine companion who has found a home in your heart after the Clallam County community?   


  • Garrett — Meaning “rules by the spear,” Garrett is a nomadic bloodsucker who has taken part in every US battle.
  • Gianna — The feminine form of the name John, Gianna means “God is gracious.” In New Moon, Gianna was a vampire wannabe employed by the Volturi.
  • Gustavo — Gustavo…

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