For many people, a trip to the dentist causes a lot of anxiety. Something about sharp tools and having your bones poked and extracted is a little nerve-wracking. Lucky for dental patients at Corte Madera Family Dentistry in California, Kismet the 13-year-old Chihuahua can help with that.

Kismet is the office dog there in Marin. She’s also their rescue pet. Dr. Cameron Garrett, the office dentist at Corte Madera Family Dentistry, told CNN how helpful a dog like Kismet can be to a nervous patient.

“After working so long in the industry you begin to understand quickly you’re just as much of a psychiatrist as you are a dentist. Everybody brings some anxiety or baggage into the dental environment, and the science is very clear. Interacting with an animal, having physical contact with a pet really lowers the blood pressure and heart rate and makes it a much calmer moment.”


Dogs really can put people at ease. Every day, therapy dogs help people with their anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress. When a dog lover walks into this dentist’s office, they instantly feel relieved.

“When dog lovers see Kismet they immediately light up and it takes them away from the stresses of the moment.”

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Cameron’s wife Debra, a dental hygienist, said she enjoys having Kismet at work too.

“Kismet is such a delight. She is the sweetest little thing. She makes me so happy. It brings us joy to be working on a patient and see her with us. It makes it nicer for us going to work, too.”

Rescuing Seniors As Therapy Dogs

Prior to finding a family and a job, Kismet was a stray rescued by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. She needed thousands of dollars worth of medical treatments. Poor Kismet had a cancerous tumor removed, a hernia treated, and all of her teeth extracted due to periodontal disease. Her family suspects someone previously abused Kismet.


In spite of her rough past, Kismet loves deeply. She never barks and “loves to be held” and would spend all day on your lap if she could. Debra said they knew Kismet would make a perfect addition to their family and office.

“My husband and I had such a great experience adopting our previous dog. We’ve learned the value of quality of years over quantity.”


Before Kismet, another sweet pup named Karma did the good work of comforting patients. The Garrett’s adopted the senior dog five years ago from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, and she worked as the office’s therapy dog for four.

If ever there was a perfect case for both adopting senior pups and therapy dogs, this is it!

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