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In This Issue

● Does Weight Bias Affect Dogs?
● Hero Dog Saved Rhinos
● Blood Bank For Military Dogs
● Why Dogs Dislike Some People
● The Best Breed For You
● Seasonal Affective Disorder In Dogs

Are Obese Dogs Victims Of Weight Bias?

It comes as no surprise that overweight people are treated differently in our society. This widespread weight bias means individuals with obesity often face negative judgment, derision and blame because of their weight. But does this same prejudice affect overweight dogs?

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania examined this question and found that weight bias may affect the way people – including your veterinarian – think of you and your dog.

Learn more about the study and its surprising results.

Senior dogs often suffer partial hearing loss. If you find your pup no longer wakes at the sound of your voice, try holding a smelly treat by her nose!

Give Your Dog A Taste Of Fall With Happy, Healthy Pumpkin Spice Meatballs

It seems like every fall there are more and more pumpkin spice products including Twinkies, Hummus, and Pringles. While these items are pretty out-there, Happy, Healthy Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Meatballs for dogs are the perfect mix of trendy and delicious.

You see, pumpkin has long been a favorite among dogs and their humans, helping to keep the canine digestive system running smoothly. In addition to fiber-rich pumpkin, these treats are made with USA-sourced/human-grade ground beef, turkey, sweet potato, carrots, ginger, and cinnamon.

Get them before they’re gone! Your pup will thank you.

Which of these traits is NOT a reason dogs dislike certain humans?

  1. Their Smell
  2. The Way They Treat The Dog’s Owner
  3. Their Political Views

Not sure? Read on to find the answer!

Hero Dog Dedicated His Life To Saving Endangered Rhinos

During his short seven years on this earth, Diego the Belgian Malinois saved countless African Rhinoceroses from deadly poachers.

Diego lived at Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy, a non-profit devoted to protecting at-risk wildlife species. As a trained attack dog, he worked alongside rangers to keep his community safe and save rhinos from extinction.

He has since departed for the Rainbow Bridge, but Diego will always be remembered as a hero. Read all about his incredible life here.

Military Dogs Get First Ever Blood Bank To Save Their Lives In Combat

Military working dogs stationed in Iraq will now have access to the same care that saves human lives on the battlefield with a canine mobile blood bank.

Blood banks specifically set up for military working dogs will result in faster treatment and better outcomes for dogs like Conan, who made headlines last October when he was wounded during the mission that killed ISIS leader Baghdadi.

Discover how the mobile blood bank works and learn about the donor dogs helping to ensure military pups come home safe.

5 Unexpected Reasons Dogs Don’t Like Certain People

Dogs seem to have an innate sense of who they can trust. This astonishing skill also extends to the people who interact with their humans.

Studies show that dogs hold grudges against those who have done their owners wrong. But as members of a completely different species, how do they know which humans have ill intentions?

Here are five ways dogs identify humans they don’t like.

The Best Dog Breed For Your Health & Personality

by Amy Flowers, DVM

Before adopting or purchasing a dog you must determine which traits best suit your lifestyle. Young families have different expectations than single professionals living in city apartments.

Additionally, it is important to consider your health and activity level before committing to a specific breed. Everyone deserves to have a canine companion, but the choice must be right for your lifestyle.

PetMD offers their picks for the best breed to suit YOUR health and personality.

Can Dogs Suffer From Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)?

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is a mood disorder characterized by depression, fatigue, and hopelessness that occurs in climates where there is less sunlight at certain times of the year. The condition is quite common in humans, but could cold, drab weather also affect your dog?

According to veterinarian Kathryn Primm, dogs are so emotionally complex and deeply tied into our own moods it is quite likely they too suffer from SAD. Below she offers her tips for helping pups with the “overcast blues.”

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Quiz Answer:

3. Their Political Views. Dogs don’t care whether you vote blue, red or chartreuse, but if you smell like mothballs or are rude to their favorite human, you better watch out!

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