Sometimes, dogs are so curious that it gets them into trouble. They often don’t think their actions through before going forward with them. This is especially true for a Rottweiler who thought it might be fun to squeeze between a fence and cement wall. However, what he didn’t realize is that it would only cause him to get stuck.

No matter how much he pushed and squirmed, escaping the narrow passageway seemed hopeless. But luckily, animal control discovered one clear solution to his problems: ice cream!

Rottweiler stuckRottweiler stuck
Image: @DenverAnimalShelter/Facebook

A Little Too Curious

It’s unclear whether this Rottweiler’s predicament happened by accident or by choice. No one saw him enter the narrow space, but when someone saw that he was stuck, they called animal control. Denver Animal Protection Officers Jenna Humphreys and Daniel Ettinger rushed to the scene.

It might not sound like an urgent rescue, but the dog was stuck eyes-deep in a space that was only about 10 inches wide. This caused him to be immobile and terrified. The officers had to work hard to gain his trust before they could pull him to safety. Luckily, some kind words and the sweet smell of ice cream were all it took to get the pup to cooperate.

Rottweiler Eats Ice CreamRottweiler Eats Ice Cream
Image: @DenverAnimalShelter/Facebook

“The poor pup was stuck and scared,” the Denver Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook. “But after some soft talk and a taste of an ice cream cone from a neighbor, [officers] were able to save this sweet guy.”

Ice Cream Soothes All Fear

According to this Rottweiler’s experience, it seems that ice cream can solve any problem. Once he felt comfortable, the officers were able to gently lift him out of the tight space. It’s unclear how long he was stuck there for, and it’s possible that he was alone there during the chilling temperatures at night. But now, he’s feeling much better at the Denver Animal Shelter.

Rottweiler RescueRottweiler Rescue
Image: @DenverAnimalShelter/Facebook

“We’ve lovingly named [him] Frederick,” the shelter wrote. “He is at Denver Animal Shelter and doing well with sustained injuries. We are still searching for [his family] though.”

Frederick doesn’t have a microchip and no one has reached out to claim him yet. He is a very sweet dog, so if he doesn’t have a family looking for him, he will eventually be put up for adoption. His only request is that his new humans have plenty of ice cream treats to spoil him with.

Rottweiler SafeRottweiler Safe
Image: @DenverAnimalShelter/Facebook

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Featured Image: @DenverAnimalShelter/Facebook

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