Puppy Suffers In Frigid Temperatures When Dumped By Woman

MANSFIELD, Ohio (WJW) — The Richland County Dog Warden is speaking out after a four-month-old puppy was dropped off at the shelter’s outside kennels in frigid temperatures.

The canine was left around 5 p.m., the shelter stated. Wednesday by a woman at the wheel of a navy blue Ford Fusion. The pet was in the kennel until about 8 o’clock. Thursday.

If a canine owner notices the animal has suffered an injury, he is morally and legally obliged to seek veterinary care. Unfortunately, some individuals are unwilling to spend the money and time needed to heal their sick or injured pets.

Lack of Judgement

Officers say the outside temperature fell to 32 degrees with wind gusts of 15 to 18 mph.

“While we understand if somebody finds a stray, they might not all the time keep it, or some individuals would favor to dump their canine with us if we have not opened, we ask individuals to exercise some discretion, common sense and decency,” the shelter wrote on Facebook. “Our outside kennels usually are not designed to provide much shelter from the weather, and we’re fortunate this puppy isn’t suffering any unfavourable results from the weather.”

The Richland County Dog Warden’s Office reminds residents to maintain dogs inside throughout poor weather. Just like humans, the cold climate tolerance can vary from pet to pet depending on coat, body fat stores, exercise levels and health. Pay attention to your pet’s tolerance to cold climate and adapt accordingly.

The Bitter Cold

“During this weather, please attempt to keep dogs, especially young, old, skinny, short-haired or flat-faced dogs, out of the elements till they can be safely brought into the shelter.“


The shelter is at the moment within the process of acquiring canine kennels to switch its outside kennels for such situations.

Cruelty to animals can take many forms, however its results are at all times the same. A sentient animal capable of love and the creation of social relationships experiences pain, concern and desperation.

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