Meet Gen The Corgi: The World’s Most Expressive Dog

A corgi from Japan has left his mark on the world in a truly unique and endearing way. His name is Gen, and he was clearly the most expressive canine on the planet. If you scroll through his lovable Instagram page, you will immediately discover hundreds of silly faces that can soften your heart.

Unfortunately, Gen suffered from a long list of health problems and recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. His legacy, however, will live on thanks to his enthusiastic facial expressions and endearing personality. Whether it was dashing around, begging for food or simply staring at random objects, Gen made every event exciting. Judge for yourself!

Gen’s Life

When Gen’s family fell in love with his silly, genuine facial expressions, they turned him into an Instagram page to share his sweet face with the world. Gen, liked to be around people as much as possible. Whether it was napping beside family members or going out to meet new buddies, Gen was always excited. His mother described him as energetic, playful and intelligent like most corgis. But even the best lives can face a series of challenges.

Gen Corgi Excited
Picture: @genthecorgi/Instagram

“Gen was born with hereditary chronic kidney failure that cannot be cured,” explained  Gen owner. ” This disease causes gene polyuria (more urination than usual), polydipsia (regular thirst), anemia, discomfort and high blood pressure.”

Corgi sticking tongue out
Picture: @genthecorgi/Instagram

While these expensive needs would deter most canine parents, Gen’s family did everything to keep their beloved pup healthy. Throughout his life he was a frequent clinic patient. He also needed a special premium diet, which his mother and father bought without hesitation for him.

Corgi admiring hot dog
Picture: @genthecorgi/Instagram

“A dog is family. Even when a puppy comes to you with many incurable ailments [they’ve had] since birth, it’s not a motive to let go of [them]. Sure, Gen will live a much shorter life than your normal dog, and yes, his treatment costs a huge amount of money, but we will continue to give him [the best treatment we can] and massive affection, ” Gen’s owners said.

Goofy Corgi
Picture: @genthecorgi/Instagram

Paying Tribute To Gen

He died on Valentine’s Day 2021. While his household knew that his life could be shorter than normal, his death was still heartbreaking. However, they refuse to remember the unfortunate parts of his life. To them, Gen was fearless and free all the time.

Shocked Corgi
Picture: @genthecorgi/Instagram

“He was ready for a journey all the time and will make us smile through the worst days, his gracious heart has touched so many, from near and far, we want to thank each of you for your love and support throughout the years, we are so heartbroken, but it is reassuring to know he is being cherished so much, please don’t think of him with discontent but with joy,”his family wrote on Instagram.

Corgi frolicking
Picture: @genthecorgi/Instagram

Gen’s family has never given up on him and that is the most important factor. Canines are family members, so they should get love and care, no matter how vigorous it is.

Corgi running with shirt
Picture: @genthecorgi/Instagram

The Instagram page of this cute corgi now has over 200,000 followers. Although he is not there to submit adorable content, his previous posts are

still there to please everyone. So let’s deal with Gene’s joyous life and admire his unforgettable pictures in his honor. Anyway, no dog can keep up with his unique facial expressions.

Corgi Photoshoot
Picture: @genthecorgi/Instagram

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