Sometimes, we think our dogs aren’t paying attention. Yet, they’re usually more aware of their surroundings than humans are. They can pick up on subtle sounds, which can be lifesaving in certain scenarios.

A Boxer mix named Root Beer, or Rudy for short, did just that. When a car fell on top of his neighbor, he noticed it before anyone else did. When no humans reacted to the situation, he had to put matters into his own paws. Even though his neighbor had never been a huge dog lover, the pup couldn’t let him die.

Hero BoxerHero Boxer
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An Unfortunate Accident

It started as a normal day for Tony Dagnino. He was simply doing some work on his Mazda in his driveway. To complete the job, he had to go under the car to get a better look at the parts. But that’s when the danger happened.

Somehow, the car fell off the jack stands, which put all the weight on Dagnino. He compared it to a really, really big guy jumping on him.

“I couldn’t catch a full breath. I was on my side. Had I been laying on my back, I think I wouldn’t be here right now,” said Dagnino.

Car fell on manCar fell on man
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Dagnino knew he didn’t have much time left. But whenever he tried to scream, it came out as a soft, unrecognizable sound. No one knew that he was in danger. That is, until Root Beer came to save the day.

Unlikely Hero Saves the Day

Neighbors were confused when Root Beer barked wildly without stopping. It was out of character for him, and his attention seemed to be focused on something outside. Root Beer’s family and some other neighbors nearby rushed to see what was causing the dog to bark so uncontrollably.

That’s when they spotted Dagnino trapped under the car. Dagnino’s family and neighbors worked together to lift the car up enough so Dagnino could slide out. He had a broken collarbone and rib, but he’s just grateful to be alive. If he had been under the vehicle any longer, he might not be here today.

Kids Petting DogKids Petting Dog
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He also admits that he wasn’t the biggest fan of his neighbor’s dog before. But now, he owes his life to Root Beer. He describes the situation as a real “Lassie” moment.

“I’m just so thankful and grateful that Rudy had that instinct and was out there. He knew something was wrong,” neighbor Emily Truong said.

Apparently, Dagnino’s kids have been begging him for a dog for a while now. He’d always been hesitant, but now, he says they have a strong case for getting one. After all, dogs not only love you unconditionally, but they will also do everything they can to protect you.

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