Strangers Move Mountains To Help Dog In Stolen Car Get Home

As much as we want to see the good in everyone, there are always some people who will hurt others every chance they get. So, when Jason Miller left his car running with his dog inside for only a minute, he never expected someone to steal his vehicle and his best friend. Of course, he […]

Brave Rescue Dog Becomes First Canine Nobel Peace Prize Recipient

Since the Nobel Peace Prize honors the best humans or groups, it’s shocking that a dog has never won. After all, who’s more kindhearted and selfless than a four-legged family member? Finally, for the first time in history, a dog has won the prize. He’s a rescue dog and humanitarian named Foxtrot. Technically, Foxtrot didn’t […]

Real Housewives of Dallas Star, D’Andra Simmons, Mourns Loss of Beloved Dog, Dixie

One of the most painful experiences one can endure is the loss of their fur baby. While hard, it is often comforting to be able to spend your fur child’s last moments with them – being there for them as they were always there for you. Unfortunately, we aren’t always that lucky. Real Housewives of […]

Dog Mom Connects Adopters With Their Dog’s Previous Humans

Nearly every rescue dog parent has wondered about their dog’s past. While some shelters and rescues can tell you a dog’s whole story, others know very little about where some dogs came from. In some cases, it might be better not to know the truth, but for many curious dog parents, it would answer a […]