Lady Gaga Offers $500,000 Reward After Thieves Shoot Her Dogwalker

Singer Lady Gaga was separated from her beloved dogs as she works on a new film in Rome. But at least she felt comfortable knowing that people cared for them she trusts. Her friend and dog trainer Ryan Fischer has always been gracious and helpful with her trio of French Bulldogs. So she never expected something to go wrong.

But around 9:40 p.m. Fischer was attacked and shot on Wednesday evening as he walked the dogs. The suspects got away with two dogs while the third ran away. Gaga is offering a reward of $500,000 for the return of Koji and Gustav. No questions asked.

Violent and Cruel Act

The incident occurred in Los Angeles on the 1500 block of North Sierra Bonita Avenue, just off Sunset Boulevard. Fischer walked Gaga’s three French Bulldogs: Koji, Gustav and Miss Asia. Some sources say Fischer loves the pups, so he regularly walks them and cares for them when Gaga is away.

But an innocent walk quickly turned into a horrible scene. A white car pulled up near Fischer and two men in their early 20s came out. They both wore dark clothes and one was holding a handgun.

Lady Gaga French Bulldogs
Image: @missasiaxoxo/Instagram

Before anyone knew what was going on, shots were fired. The men entered into an altercation with Fischer and shot him in the chest. As he was down, they grabbed Koji and Gustav and drove away with them. Miss Asia ran away in the chaos, but was later found safe by police.

“We heard blood-curdling screaming. And then within about a minute, a shot rang out. We just ducked for cover, ran inside and called 911, “said witness Rachel Mason. We came back and the guy literally bleeding out when the cops and paramedics came, and our neighbor was compressing his chest. I didn’t know if he was alive or dead and he gets put on the stretcher and put in the ambulance.”

Lady Gaga and Koji
Image: @missasiaxoxo/Instagram

Help Bring Gaga’s Furry Friends Home!

Although Gaga has not publicly posted about what happened, many witnesses shared what they saw. According to sources close to Gaga, Fischer is in hospital and is recovering well, but unfortunately Koji and Gustav are still missing.

It is unclear whether Gaga will come home to help search for her dogs, but she is currently offering a reward of $500,000 for their safe return. As long as the French Bulldogs are returned safely to her, there will be no questions. It is unclear whether the dogs have been stolen due to Gaga’s status or because the breed is in high demand. Either way, it was a disgusting, unforgivable act

French Bulldogs music awards
Image: @missasiaxoxo/Instagram

Gaga’s dogs are incredibly important to her, and she even runs an Instagram page for them. Hopefully, they will be back in their loving home in no time.

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