Actress and singer Kelly Osbourne does her best to stay positive, especially during difficult times. Even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she has found a bright side. And that’s all thanks to a little dog named Oat.

During her time in quarantine, Osbourne fostered the rescue puppy. She encouraged others to do the same since it was such a happy, rewarding experience. In fact, her situation quickly turned into a foster fail after she fell in love with Oat. If it weren’t for COVID, she never would’ve met her!

Poll and OatPoll and Oat
Image: @kellyosbourne/Instagram

Fostering Saves Lives

Near the start of the pandemic, Osbourne introduced her fans to Oat, who was from Wags and Walks Rescue. At the time, Oat was only 9 weeks old. Osbourne shared a photo of the tiny rescue dog cuddling with her on the way home from the shelter, which led her to encourage others to foster if possible.

“To anyone reading this that can… support your local shelter and foster a dog/cat as they are over loaded right now and need all the help they can get. Stay safe everyone,” Osbourne wrote on Instagram.

Foster puppyFoster puppy
Image: @kellyosbourne/Instagram

Throughout the pandemic, Osbourne shared tons of photos of the adorable pup. Of course, she soon felt a strong connection to sweet little Oat. So, she adopted Oat only about 2 weeks later. She already had a Pomeranian mix named Polly, so now she has two lovable dogs to lift her spirits during these difficult times.

Welcome to the Family, Oat!

Not only is Osbourne overjoyed to have Oat by her side, but she says that the puppy has actually made her grateful for the quarantine. Being grateful for a serious pandemic seems unusual, but it led her to foster, which she might’ve never had time for otherwise. And without fostering, she never would’ve met her new furry friend.

Adopted dogAdopted dog
Image: @kellyosbourne/Instagram

“Every day I wake up and try to find the positive side to the mess we are all living in. Today I am so grateful to #RONA because without her, I would never have adopted Oat!” Osbourne wrote. “She is the light in my life!!! What are you grateful for today?”

Osbourne says that she never could’ve gotten through the quarantine without her animals by her side. After all, many dog parents around the world probably feel the same way. Dogs just make difficult times that much better!

Kelly Osbourne DogsKelly Osbourne Dogs
Image: @kellyosbourne/Instagram

This adoption story also proves that even in the darkest times, we can try to find something to be grateful for. So, if you can, you should foster or adopt a dog in need. It could change your life like it did for Osbourne.

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Featured Image: @kellyosbourne/Instagram

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