It’s Important To Check Your Dog’s Paws

It’s Important To Check Your Dog’s Paws

You know that your dog needs regular grooming, but do you know that grooming your dog’s paws is an important part of his/her grooming routine? During daily walks and romping in the yard, the puppy’s paws are exposed to rough surfaces, wet floor, dirt and debris.

As the AKCCHF explains, the bottom of the puppy’s paws serves an important purpose. They write, “A dog’s paw is made up of skin, bone, tendons, ligaments, blood supply, and connective tissue. But as tough as they are, paw pads are not made of armor”.

How Often Should You Check Your Dog’s Paws?

During the summer months, you should exercise your dog before sunrise or after sunset to avoid blistering and other heat-related conditions. Winter brings more problems for dogs with road salt, icy roads and frozen paws. To prevent frigid weather, damage to the dog’s paws, avoid going outside for long periods of time.

Examine your dog’s paws thoroughly after playing ball, frisbee hunting, trekking in the woods and strolling in the park. This way you’ll avoid any unpleasant surprises and your dog will be at the top of his game with four healthy paws firmly on the ground.

Preparing for a dog paw cleaning

Watch out for anything that doesn’t belong on your dog’s paw, including tiny pebbles or shards of glass, shells or other material. You will also want to watch out for splinters or anything embedded in your dog’s nails or pads. If you find anything, remove it carefully.

If you want to do a routine dog, paw cleaning after a quick stroll, gently wipe the paws with a washcloth and water. As an even more convenient option, Wipesforpaws recommends using moist wipes that are safe for dogs.

Excessive licking can damage the tissues further and can also delay healing. So it’s a good idea to always check the status of your dog’s paws if anything seems out of the ordinary.

Cleaning the dog’s paws is only a minute aspect of being a dog parent, but it is also an effective opportunity to bond with your dog and remind him that you will always be there to take care of him.