Dogs are like our furry children. HGTV star Nicole Curtis knows that better than anybody. Whenever she loses a furry family member, it breaks her heart, but she eventually chooses to adopt again. However, the recent death of her beloved Brussels Griffon mix Lucy nearly broke her.

While the details of Lucy’s death aren’t specified, it’s clear that the poor pup was gone too soon. Curtis turned to Instagram to share a long, emotional tribute to her late dog. It’s a heartbreak that will take her a long time to overcome.

Nicole Curtis with Rescue DogNicole Curtis with Rescue Dog
Image: @detrotidesign/Instagram

Love at First Sight

For a long time, Curtis said she didn’t want another dog after her previous dog named Polly passed away. But that’s when she met Lucy. She was at a charity auction for Secondhand Hounds, and she fell in love with the then 6-month-old rescue pup in a heartbeat. She described it like love at first sight.

Curtis adopted Lucy without hesitation. The pup quickly became spoiled and loved, just like every dog should. Lucy loved to be the center of attention, and Curtis said the little dog always walked around like she owned the place. However, she got into trouble often since she knew how to open cabinets and steal food off the counter. Yet, she was incredibly loyal.

“From the moment I brought her home, she slept curled into my belly, she spent 9 [months] curled against my pregnant belly, she then guarded my baby like he was her own,” said Curtis.

Cute Rescue DogCute Rescue Dog
Image: @detroitdesign/Instagram

The Pain of Saying Goodbye

Sadly, all great love stories come to an end eventually. Recently, Curtis had to say goodbye to Lucy after 8 years together. It’s unclear what the cause of Lucy’s death was, but no matter the reason, it’s devastating. Curtis shared a long, tear-jerking post on Instagram about her loss.

“My dog, Lucy, is gone. The tears haven’t stopped, the heartache is so bad that I’ve sat in my house just screaming her name out,” Curtis wrote. “My dear friends dug a hole, made her a casket as I just held her tight in her [favorite] spot in the sun on the porch. As the day started to fade, my best friend held me tight and said it’s time. My friend laid close and held me as I held my dear sweet baby and I sobbed and just took every last breath of her that I could.”

Dog passed awayDog passed away
Image: @detroitdesign/Instagram

With the post, she also shared a photo of her hugging the pup and sobbing. Beside her are molds of the pup’s paw prints. It’s an emotional scene that I’m sure all dog parents can relate to. Those who don’t have dogs might not understand, but our furry friends often hold the biggest spaces in our hearts. Lucy is probably still watching over her mom to this day.

Rest in peace, Lucy. You’ll be missed greatly.

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Featured Image: @detroitdesign/Instagram

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