Simon Porte Jacquemus (of the self-named brand) wowed his millions of followers with more than just his designs recently. The French fashion designer just adopted a tiny little puppy named TouTou. Clearly, he’s obsessed, and so is everyone else.

Describing him as a “new member of the family,” the designer shared a photo of little TouTou on Jacquemus’ Instagram. TouTou now has his own page you can follow here. As of yet, there are only three photos there, all extremely cute.


Jacquemus has also shared a few videos of TouTou frolicking around with his adorably tiny waddle. So far, the pup has accompanied both of his dads to their jobs (and seems to love it.) It seems like he’s always hanging out with his family, which is great. Everyone at work seems to love him too!


A lot of us are probably all hoping for the same thing – Toutou to appear in fashion editorials. I mean, he really has a look, right? He should have his own campaign, or at the very least his own fashion line.


Following either account on Instagram (@jacquemus or @mynameistoutou) will likely get you access to many more cute photos of TouTou. Right now, he’s only as big as one of their purses, so it will be fun to watch him grow.

What The Fans (And Famous Friends) Have To Say

Since Jacquemus is a major brand, they work with some really high profile people. It’s pretty weird that Instagram just lets us have a little sneak peek at how celebs and influencers interact with each other publicly. But here’s what some had to say about this little doggie:

cutttiieeeee!” – Haim (@haimtheband via Instagram)

“PROMOTE HIM IMMEDIATELY.” – Model/Influencer Jadé Tuncdoruk (@jadetunchy via Instagram)

ok THIS is actually a dog i would voluntarily dogsit” – YouTuber Damon Dominique (@damondominique via Instagram)

Alright, so they might be celebrities of few words (and many emojis.) Ariana Grande and Bella Hadid also threw all the TouTou posts some likes.


Regardless of our follower counts though, us regular Joes and Josephines also fell in love with little TouTou.

Parfait, on attends la collection @jacquemus pour dogo!” (“Perfect, we are waiting for the Jacquemus collection for dogo!”) – @dorianschober via Instagram

All I have to say is, I’d buy whatever TouTou is selling. Congrats to Simon and the whole company on their new best friend!

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Featured Image: @jacquemus/Instagram

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