Debi and DaNae Vazquez were faced with a tragic situation 6 years ago when their Chihuahua mix named King escaped their Texas home. The mother and daughter duo spent months searching for him with no luck. They posted on Facebook and offered rewards, but it never seemed to lead them anywhere. Eventually, they gave up hope. They assumed that they’d never see King again, but luckily, they were wrong. It was a long journey to reunite King with his loved ones after 6 years, but no amount of time could keep them apart. So, they did whatever it took to bring King home as soon as possible.

Chihuahua Wearing JacketChihuahua Wearing Jacket
Image: Debi Vazquez Facebook

True Love Never Fades

King escaped his family’s home when he was about 8 years old. DaNae explained that she had just bought him a new collar, and she didn’t want it to get dirty. So, she let King outside collar-less, along with their two other dogs. Only minutes later, she realized her mistake. The other two dogs returned, but King was nowhere to be found.

The thought of King alone in the world with no identification tags was terrifying. Even though the chances of him coming home seemed slim, Debi and DaNae never stopped loving and missing King.

So, when they received a call 6 years later saying that King was found in Florida, they couldn’t believe it. Over 1,000 miles away, King was safe. There were no flights available until later in the week, but the family couldn’t wait. So, they hopped in the car and drove over 20 hours to get him. Coincidentally, the good news happened just in time for Debi’s birthday.

Happy birthday ChihuahuaHappy birthday Chihuahua
Image: Debi Vazquez Facebook

A Lesson For Dog Parents

It’s unclear exactly where King had been all these years, but Debi and DaNae suspect that he was stolen. The Humane Society of Broward County received him after a woman surrendered him. She only had him for 6 months after someone had given him to her, but she could no longer care for him. After scanning his microchip, they discovered that his real family was back in Texas.

“She was like, King’s alive. He’s in Florida right now,” said DaNae. “We were just like crying, and I’m like, how do we get him back.”

Family and Chihuahua ReunitedFamily and Chihuahua Reunited
Image: DaNae Vazquez Facebook

Upon arrival, Debi also mentioned that one of her other dogs had recently passed away. She thinks maybe in a way, that dog brought them back together with King. The mother and daughter still have their other dog named Rocky, who tagged along for the road trip. It’s unclear if Rocky and King recognized each other when they were reunited, but they happily sniffed each other anyway.

King is just as they remember him, only much older. After all, he is 15 years old now. So, he seems much more relaxed and tired than before. DaNae pointed out that he also seems sad and skinny, so they’re going to take him home and pamper him as much as possible.

This journey inspired the family to share two important messages with viewers: microchip your dog and keep their collar on outside. Microchips and identification tags have helped many lost dogs get home, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Reunited with ChihuahuaReunited with Chihuahua
Image: DaNae Vazquez Facebook

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Featured Image: DaNae Vazquez Facebook

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