It can be so hard to leave home when your dog follows you to the door, begging with their sweet eyes for you to stay. Even after you gather the strength to close the door, they’ll find a window to press their sad faces into and watch you go. Can you blame them for wanting to know where we could possibly go without them?

A black and white pup in Hawaii took watching his people leave the house to new heights. Literally. Unbeknownst to his family, little Check found his way onto the roof of their house. There, he had the best view of whoever came and went.

Witness to the shenanigans, Alyxah told Reshareworthy that her boyfriend Nic and his father built a little lookout post for the pup after they found out the hard way how much he loves the view.

“My boyfriend Nic and his dad built it because they had moved into a new house with a large lanai with access to the roof. [T]he first day they had left their dog alone they called the fire department because he had made his way to the roof to get a better view and see where we had gone.”


Check didn’t mean to alarm anybody. He just wanted to see where everyone was going without him! With his new specially designed structure, he can continue to safely (and adorably) do so.

A View Of Check’s Own

Since the roof was accessible from a second-floor deck, Check’s people had to block it. But they didn’t want to take away the joy he got from surveying the land. So they came up with an elegant solution: Check’s own personal rooftop observation area. The structure features a ramp that takes Check to roof height and a wire-protected viewing stand.

Alyxah, or @_arsxo_ as she goes by on Twitter, posted the adorable pictures of Check looking down from his perch. They’ve since been made private, but her initial caption read:

“So Nic’s dad blocked the access to the roof and made a little lookout for Check so he can see us leave and come home. And also so he could hangout up there during the day.”


Now the little guy gets all the perks of height with none of the safety issues.


Sometimes there’s just no limit to what we’ll do for our pups. Or, at least anything to make them a little less sad when we have to leave them at home.

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H/T: Cesar’s Way
Featured Image: @_arsxo_/Twitter

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