Nearly every rescue dog parent has wondered about their dog’s past. While some shelters and rescues can tell you a dog’s whole story, others know very little about where some dogs came from. In some cases, it might be better not to know the truth, but for many curious dog parents, it would answer a lot of questions. So, a new website was made to do just that: reconnect dog adopters with their dog’s previous humans. That way, you can find out a little more about your dog’s past and let their old families know that the dog is in a good home.

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What is Pet Parents’ Place?

Pet Parents’ Place is a website created by dog mom Connie Bekavac. She’s a retired Energy Department employee from Maryland who is a proud rescue dog parent. But like many other humans, she wondered where her furry friends lived before they met her. Did they remember their old families? Did they miss them?

Her dog named Beemer made her think about this even more than usual. Beemer was only two years old when she adopted him, which she thought was a strange age for a rescue dog. Most adoptable dogs seem to either be young puppies or older dogs. So, she searched for information about why her pup was surrendered.

Bekavac soon found out that Beemer used to live with an elderly person who had moved to a nursing home. With no one to take Beemer, he ended up at the shelter. For many dogs at shelters, this could be the case. Humans often have to surrender their dogs unwillingly if they’re unable to support them. So, Bekavac realized that those people would probably want to know that their previous dog is okay. That’s when she came up with the idea for a site that connects new adopters with their dog’s previous family.

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Walking Down Memory Lane

When you use Pet Parents’ Place, you get the opportunity to talk to the person your dog used to live with. Of course, for dogs that clearly suffered from abuse or neglect, it’s probably not a good idea to meet their old humans. But for dogs who seem almost too perfect, it can be helpful. For example, you could finally get the answer as to why your dog is so excited about certain things but very afraid of others.

Oftentimes, people surrender dogs because it’s the best thing to do. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have said goodbye to their furry friends because they’ve fallen on hard times. Those people would probably love to hear that their dog is happy and getting the life they deserve.

On the website, a person can enter information about a dog they adopted or a dog they gave up. This includes breed, color, age, distinguishing marks, photos, and microchip ID. If a match is made between an adopter and a past family, the two can email each other if they wish.

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Bekavac realized that some people would be uneasy with this concept. After all, what if the person tries to take their dog back? So, to combat that, the site only requests limited personal information to cut the risk of someone trying to take your dog away.

For many dog parents, meeting with a dog’s previous humans can be intimidating. But for others, it can explain a lot of unanswered questions. So, visit Pet Parents’ Place if you’re interested in finding out a little more about your dog’s past life.

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Featured Image: @petparentsplace/Instagram

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