Chunky Monkey was Punished For Excessive Slumber

puppy bowl 2021 field
Chunky Monkey was Punished For Excessive Slumber

The 17th Puppy Bowl ended in dramatic fashion on Sunday with a Team Ruff win.

By kick-off in 2021, the puppy bowl had over 1.9 million viewers and found adoptive families for each of its players.

Muffin, opened the scoring with his first touchdown of the game. Meanwhile, chow chow mongrel Chunky Monkey was punished for excessive slumber after slumbering on the sidelines.

Cute, but no cigar. Still, Twitter raged with the most precious sentiment the hunk had served himself.

Chunky Monkey

No Time To Get Curbed

In the second quarter, the Pyrenees mingled, Team Fluff’s unflappable offense duffed Duke and gave Golden Retriever Beliveau the opening touchdown that put his team up 35-21 after another Terriers-Bulldogs TD mix, Sonic.

At the start of the third quarter, Team Fluff’s bundle of energy, Fozzie, was penalized for “pancaking the puppy”, but thanks to special care at Harlem’s Doggie Day Spa before the big event, the Norwegian moose dog mix still looked like a champ.

Later, Ruff’s shot, gave Dwight free rein in the end zone and gave Ruff a three-point lead. The victory didn’t last long as Flausen hit Beliveau again at Tank’s expense after a powerful tackle in the water bowl.

puppy bowl 2021 field

For the Victory

Team Ruff’s Big Boss Paulie (American Staffordshire Terrier and Dutch Shepherd Mix) sprinted to a touchdown when the clock ran out, three points behind with less than a minute remaining.

Team Ruff defeated Team Fluff in a final score of 73-69 to win Puppy Bowl XVII. The captain of Team Ruff was given a “Chewy Lombarky Trophy,” but all the dogs won.

At the event on Sunday 70 puppies host by from 22 different shelters were present. The puppies were split into two teams and placed in a dog-sized football stadium, where they competed for the “touchdowns.”

ESPN game announcer Steve Levy and “SportsCenter” host Sage Steele provided human commentary. Long-time friends Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart served as hosts and Dan Schachner as the game’s “Whooferee.”

First Lady Jill Biden was present at the event, filming a public announcement with the first two dogs, Champ and Major. Major is believed to be the first shelter dog to live at the White House.

At the last 16 events, 100% of puppies and kittens were adopted.

Let’s not forget the game’s MVP -Marshall, our hearing-impaired Boston terrier -won the coveted title. Extra treats for Marshall!

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