With bone broth taking the human wellness world by storm, it’s no wonder this incredible super-food has made its way into our dog’s food bowl. Unlike most bone broths made for humans though, Brutus bone Broth is 100% pet safe.  With being low in sodium and free of any onions or garlic, this bone broth is a one stop shop for canine health!

Let’s dive into some of the ways bone broth can benefit your furry friend, and introduce you to a family that created an easy way to add bone broth to your pup’s diet!

brutus brothbrutus broth
Brutus Bone Broth

The Power Of Bone Broth

Bone broth is much more than just an instant flavor boost to your dog’s daily diet. While your pup will certainly be grateful for this tasty super-food, the health benefits of bone broth are endless! Bone broth is proven to be jam packed with ingredients that not only support their immune system, but also offer extra support throughout each canine life stage. 

Bone broth really is the definition of a super-food. It contains amino acids, electrolytes, collagen, vitamins, phosphorus, iron, and more! Each of these nutrients work together to offer unmatched immune support, inflammation control, joint support, and so many other benefits that will help your dog thrive. 

brutus brothbrutus broth
Brutus Bone Broth

Not only can bone broth offer your canine companion nutritional support, but it can also help to naturally detoxify the body. Each day our dogs are exposed to toxins in their environment; whether it’s grass that is treated with pesticides, lying on a flame retardant rug, or even the flea and tick medications we apply each month.

These toxins can build up in your dog’s digestive system and can cause “leaky gut,” resulting in various health issues that can impact their daily lives. Adding bone broth to your dog’s every day diet can naturally detoxify and boost their immune system, giving them a healthier and happier life. 

The Family That Is Dedicated To Bringing Nutrition To Every Dog’s Bowl

Brutus Bone Broth is a family owned and operated company that has found a way to bring the impressive benefits of bone broth to each and every dog bowl. The Brutus Broth story began when a family gathered around the table for Thanksgiving dinner just a few years ago, and had a conversation about their family dog Brutus. When asked about Brutus and how they’ve managed to maintain his health throughout the years, Kim and Sue replied: “Love and Grandma’s Bone Broth.” 

“We’re a small, family owned and operated company – our products are created in the kitchen, not a boardroom.”

After seeing how much support bone broth offered Brutus throughout the years, they knew they had to find a way to share these benefits with other dogs. After countless hours spent in the kitchen and speaking with experts in the industry, the recipe of Brutus Bone Broth was created!

 What Sets Brutus Bone Broth Apart From The Rest?

Their extra care and love shines through in each Brutus Bone Broth recipe. Kim and Sue will spend hours in their manufacturer’s kitchen testing the bone broth themselves, making sure they pass the test for quality and taste! The Brutus Bone Broth motto of “if it is good enough for me, it is good enough for my dog” offers an extra touch that you won’t find anywhere else on the market. 

brutus brothbrutus broth
Brutus Bone Broth

Not only is Brutus Bone Broth delicious, but it’s packed with extra nutrients that other bone broth recipes neglect. Brutus broth is fortified with chondroitin and glucosamine to support your dog’s joint health, as well as turmeric to combat inflammation throughout the body. They took this super-food up a notch and made it even more beneficial to the furry family members we love so dearly. 

Kim and Sue are passionate about adding longevity to your beloved pup’s life. They know how important it is to ensure a happy and healthy life for each and every dog, and work tirelessly to turn each meal into a nutritional culinary experience!

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