Many dog parents share their bed with their furry friend at night. That’s because we love to cuddle up next to our dogs and feel safe with them by our sides. But what many dog lovers don’t mention is how some dogs can be frustrating when it comes to moving around at night.

Dogs spend a lot of time sleeping during the day, so it’s normal for them to wake up and move around throughout the night. This can cause us to toss and turn more too, but dogs move at night even more than we think. A couple’s time-lapse video showed their Beagle’s silly sleeping habits.

Beagle in BedBeagle in Bed
Image: @brunothebeagle1/Facebook

Beagle Can’t Sit Still

Even the smallest dogs seem to take up all the space at night. In fact, Mike and Stacey were shocked when their new 8-month-old Beagle named Bruno moved around so much at night. While they tossed and turned throughout the night, Bruno moved into every possible sleeping position. The couple had never imagined that a puppy could be such a fussy sleeper.

They quickly learned that their furry friend just doesn’t like to sit still. He also moves around like crazy every time he takes a bath. Even now that he’s older, he still likes to move around in the middle of the night.

Mike and Stacey were curious about the pup’s sleeping habits, so they decided to record him at night. They created a time-lapse video of the Beagle’s sleeping schedule, and it’s even more unusual than they thought. Bruno just keeps getting up and moving over and over again with barely enough time to get a full night’s sleep.

Sleepy BeagleSleepy Beagle
Image: @brunothebeagle1/Facebook

“Bruno the Beagle nighttime, time-lapse. This is literally how we sleep every single night with the dog and some nights a kid or two,” Mike wrote on Facebook.

Bruno Goes Viral

Bruno’s time-lapse video quickly went viral. As it turns out, many dog parents can relate to the silly scene. Letting your dog sleep in your bed might be frustrating at times, but it’s impossible to say no to their cute faces.

Beagle SleepingBeagle Sleeping
Image: @brunothebeagle1/Facebook

Not long after Bruno’s bedtime routine went viral, his dad also shared a time-lapse of his bath time routine. Sure enough, Bruno loves moving around and jumping out of the tub just as much as he loves moving around at night. This sweet Beagle clearly has a lot of energy, but he’s just so lovable!

Now, Bruno even has his own Facebook page. He shares plenty of adorable photos and videos. Of course, his fame wouldn’t be possible without his silly sleeping habits though. So, maybe letting your dog sleep in your bed is a good thing after all!

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Featured Image: @brunothebeagle1/Facebook

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