Actress Advocate Kristen Bell Calls Canines “Nature’s Antidepressants”

Kristen Bell is probably best known for her many recognizable films and TV roles. Do you know that the star of Disney’s Frozen and NBC’s The Good Place can be a huge advocate for saving dogs?

She currently has two puppies: three-year-old Frank, who was rescued from a dog cafe in Los Angeles, and two-year-old Whiskey, a dog who lost one of his legs after being hit by a truck.

“When I have to look after an animal, it gives me a lot of vanity. I tend a lot to canines, I believe, because they are non-verbal, and generally I feel like I don’t always find the words”

Bell rescued many dogs before those two, along with Sadie, a senior dog who was saved from Hurricane Katrina and lived to be 17.

She is also often a foster parent. Her stance on rescuing shelter animals over adopting canines from breeders is obvious. She once advised people:

“There are so many wonderful pets in shelters across the country that are ready and willing to find a home. In the event that they don’t get adopted, they get euthanized. So breeding more animals simply doesn’t make sense to me”

Not too long ago, she appeared in a “Pup Close and Personal” segment as part of the Pet Bowl event, which aired on Animal Planet. She spent the day with Java, a pet athlete who was found abandoned in a field in the California desert. Her favorite part?

Bell Advocates Rescuing Senior Canines Too

All love puppies, and so they are always the first to come from shelters. Bell says she likes to adopt older dogs who may have a harder time finding homes..

“”I raise puppies, but when I adopt them, they tend to be older dogs, especially seniors, because I realize I have the ability to take care of a senior who may have a special need.”

Her most recent senior rescue, Barbara, died in October 2020. Bell shared on Instagram that while she was heartbroken, she felt blessed to be able to make Barbara’s last two years blissful.

She also acknowledges her ability to provide a wonderful home for every canine. As senior dogs are so often overlooked, she loves to give them joy in their golden years.

“For me, knowing that I can provide comfort to a mature boy or girl who might otherwise be in a shelter or presumably put down, truly makes me feel good.

I desperately want to promote happiness and reduce suffering, and allowing these seniors to stay in my home and just sit on their canine mattress all day, and mosey to the food from time to time is an innocent way to provide comfort”


Bell Always Has A Huge Family

Bell saved the canines long before she married. But for her husband [actor Dax] Shepard, living with animals, took some adjustment. He also suffers from a dog allergy, which doesn’t stop the actress from adopting.

“Dax didn’t have any pets growing up, so when they went through the living room he was visibly startled, as if squirrels were running through the (house).

He still doesn’t understand why we live with animals, but I don’t need him to understand it. I simply need to get hypoallergenic canines in order that I don’t asphyxiate my husband.”

Her younger daughters, she says, appreciate the responsibility of looking after foster and family dogs. Especially since new canines are continually coming to stay.

Between her love of all dogs, regardless of their age, and her support for the # AdoptDontShop campaign, Kristen Bell definitely tops the list of celebrity canine lovers!

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